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Quality Sportswear for Men & Women

On the hunt for men and women's sports clothes in Oman? You're in the right place. Namshi has a growing collection of clothing that will help you keep moving, from tank tops and sports bras all the way to leggings and specialised clothing. Look out for leading active brands that maximise your performance. With clothing for just about every type of sport and active activity, our range has what you need. Shop the season's latest activewear trends to find everything you need, all under one roof. To make Oman online sports clothes shopping even easier, you can also enjoy fast shipping and cash on delivery, from Muscat to Seeb and everywhere in between.

Find T-Shirts & Vests

While our Oman sports clothes shop online will certainly see you through your workouts, it also offers plenty of casualwear essentials for off-duty style and downtime. Look out for a huge range of t-shirts and vests for men and women. Ranging from branded tees to vests that fit in all the right places, these basics are ideal to pair with jeans, sweatpants, shorts, sneakers, sandals and hoodies. We've got multipacks that help you save along with a helpful menu to shop by brand, style, size or price. Browse our sports clothes shop in Oman to find all your basics at Namshi, all in one place.

Shop Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Along with t-shirts and other active basics, we've also got a huge collection of hoodies and sweatshirts to keep you warm before, during and after your workouts. These are also a must-have for weekends and downtime, adding to your streetwear collection. Shop sports clothes online in Oman to find a wide range of styles for men and women from zipped to slip on, sleeveless, funnel neck, high neck and many others. Shop your favourite brands and styles and use our menus to narrow down your search and simplify your Oman sports clothes online shopping experience even further.

Browse Sweatpants & Leggings

We've also got you covered with all the sweatpants and leggings you need. Just one of the things that makes us a top choice for fuss-free sports clothes online shopping in Oman is a product range that's updated often to bring you the latest styles from your favourite brands. Look out for classic sweatpants styles, full length leggings, cropped leggings, mesh leggings and various other styles for men and women. Find the active pants you need to move in comfort and optimise your performance. Buy sports clothes online in Oman at Namshi and enjoy regular sales and specials, fast delivery to your doorstep, cash on delivery and much, much more.

Shoes to Keep You on the Move

Whether you're online shopping for men's sports shoes in Oman or looking to update your women's sneaker collection, our active shoe collection has something for every activity. Find the perfect pair of shoes for running, gym, tennis, basketball, everyday workouts or any other activity you prefer to get your blood pumping. Our collections cater to men and women with various styles from leading brands from adidas to adidas Originals, Puma, Nike and Reebok. Use our menu to refine your search and see why Namshi is the best choice of sports shops in Oman for quality sneakers and sports shoes.

Keep Your Gym Kit Packed & Ready to Go

Once you've stocked up on active clothing and footwear, you'll need to keep your gym kit sorted. Our range of gym bags and backpacks are made to store your workout gear while you're on your way to gym, at the office or sitting in your car in traffic. Namshi takes the stress out of sports online shopping in Oman with a collection of gym kits for men and women in various styles. Take the fuss out of Oman online shopping sports gear and view our collection now.

Accessories to Super-Charge Your Workout

At Namshi, you can also buy sports products online in Oman to maximise your workouts. We've got a wide range of sportswear accessories for men and women. These accessories range from fitness trackers and other useful gadgets all the way to practical tools such as water bottles, headgear, workout towels, fitness mats and other essentials. We also have specialised gear such as jump ropes, hand wraps, yoga mats, swimming ear plugs, pro Hijabs and other accessories. Take your workout up a notch and perform at your peak with our collection of active gear, available online right here at Namshi. Buy sports items online in Oman and we'll deliver straight to your doorstep.

Premium Sportswear for Every Activity

Our premium sports store in Oman is where you will find a carefully curated collection of high quality activewear products from the world's leading brands. If you're looking for premium active clothing and footwear for men and women, this is where you'll find all you need to take your workout to a whole new level. From Oman sports dress online shopping to luxury accessories, this range features our best-selling sportswear products. Browse the collection now to enjoy our exceptional customer service and frequently updated product range.