The Namshi woman is
ambitious, aspiring and agile.
Setting the tempo to something
new, she runs to her own beat
– can you keep up?
We checked in with two of
Namshi’s very own girl bosses
who talk to us about chasing their
dreams with the help of Nike…
because they’re more than just
clothes, they’re a statement.
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Living in Dubai for the past 10 years, Pauline, Namshi’s Social Content Creator,
is constantly inspired by the diversity in the Middle East.
Wearing the latest sportswear drop from Nike, Pauline firmly believes
in representing diversity through her work and passion projects.
“I think social media is a great platform for this,” she says confidently,
“to me, Nike means pushing the boundaries… even though my look is
all about easy going shapes, I can always rely on Nike to bring
cool to comfort.”
Pauline’s top picks:
“Have fun with your style, go as bold or as
simple as you want – as long as you’re having fun.”
Our sassy Software Engineer Ming, is determined to break the mould
on tech-specialist stereotypes. “I want to change the image of coders as
being boring and mundane, because lots of us are fun and adventurous.”
When it comes to personal style, her 5 years (so far) in the Emirates,
as well as her loved ones continue to inspire her. “It’s important for people to
understand that beauty can be in different forms - everyone should be confident
in their own skin.”
Smashing her strengthening and wellness goals, our lovely Ming specifically
relies on Nike for sportswear: “I do strength training regularly with weights.
I also love doing yoga and meditation.”
Ming’s top picks:
“A #Girlboss is someone who demands
respect but also supports the growth of other people.”
Tailored to your lifestyle and supporting you daily, Nike represents the modern woman who’s always on the move. Sewn amongst its sportswear seams is something quite special: power. With a pair of training sneakers and a bold attitude, women can run the whole world.
We Are Women. We Are Powerful. We Are Namshi.